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2016 Wedding Trend Predictions

2016 Wedding Trend Predictions Loose Florals

 1. Elegant & Unfussy Florals

Loose cascading floral arrangements with that “fresh-picked” vibe.  No bride wants to appear high maintenance as she walks down the aisle, and an elegant bouquet with lots of greenery is both simple and beautiful.

Keep it inexpensive by accenting your real roses and lilies with silk flowers and faux-greenery from your local craft store!  Add those glitter ferns, or that slightly off-color English Ivy, or even those strings of pearls and crystals to make your bouquet truly unique and with a touch that a local florist may not achieve perfectly.

You can even make designing and crafting bouquets a fun Bridesmaids’ Bruncheon activity.  Nothing says true bonding like hot glue and ribbons!

2. Include the pets.

The most well-behaved family pooch may just become the ring bearer. And the not-so-well-behaved will only be relegated to the photos and kept away from the cake.  Some we’ll even get to see in their best formal wear!

2016 Wedding Trend Predictions Dogs in Weddings

3. Perfect Palettes

Rich colors enhanced with metallic accents – watch out for the rose gold & coppery bronze.  And while they debuted in 2015, we’ll definitely be seeing more mix-&-match bridesmaids dresses this year.

2016 Wedding Trend Predictions Metallic Neutrals

PC: Kaylee Mariee photography


4. Vintage & vintage-inspired ringsVintage Ring

Unique and sparkly heirlooms, paired with all things art nouveau and regency-era.  Pretty blush silk, chantilly lace, and pearls abound with the return to yellow gold bands and settings.

5. After Parties

All the celebration of a wedding reception and much less of the formality.  We think this will coincide with the increase in elopements and intimate ceremonies.

6. Twist on Tradition

Individual sweets instead of a triple-tiered wedding cake.  We’ve seen everything from tiers of donuts or cupcakes to pumpkin pie to peach cobblers, but it’s been rarer in 2015 than we think it will be in 2016.  Sweet southern wedding? Expect the cobbler and vanilla ice cream!  Channeling the French? Bring on the macarons!whipped-cream-puff

Have you spotted any trends you think are sure to surprise us this year? Let us know in the comments!


Beyond the Cake: Milk & Cookies Bar

By: Nancy, ECC

Who can turn down milk and cookies?  For most of us it was the feel good, fix-all snack of our youth.  If popcorn is too movies, and s’mores are too campy, milk and cookies make a perfect addition to any style of reception. It’s about the novelty.

You can get a lot of variety in a cookie bar.  Traditional choices can be made, chocolate chip, white chocolate /macadamian nut, oatmeal/raisin, peanut butter or sugar – these are sure winners.  But think outside of the traditional box, although Mexican Wedding Cookies are very traditional and always fun to eat.  And of course make sure you include your favorite – don’t forget your soon to be hubby. Some suggestions of cookies to include: Toffee, Snicker Doodle, Almond Butter Thins, Dark Chocolate Meringue, Linzer Strips, Italian Hazelnut, Almond Macaroon Fingers, Pecan Lace.  (I know I’m getting hungry) With 8 to 15 to as many as you want, the number of varieties you can choose is only limited by the size of your display area.

You can make the cookies yourself, very nice personal touch-especially if you have a friend/family member that really wants to help.  How about having a pre-wedding cookie making party?  You can freeze the dough, or cooked cookie until the wedding.  A safe bet would probably be baking half and purchasing half from a bakery known for their cookies.

Photo credit: Raul's Photography

Either way, you can personalize the cookies by tinting cookie dough and icing to compliment the colors of your wedding or using wedding themed cookie cutters.  Cookies in the shape of bride and groom, or a wedding cake, bell, or diamond ring along with iced sugar cookies displaying your new monogram are very appropriate and really cute.  About 4 to 6 cookies per guest should be enough.  Up to 10 per guest is a good estimate if you want enough for each guest to take home a few-a treat and wedding favor all in one.

What you will need:

  • Platters, cookie jars, cake or pie stands to display cookies
  • Napkins, plates or bags
  • Recipe cards are optional, but a nice touch.  You can make monogrammed recipe cards
  • Labels for the different kinds of cookies
  • Milk-white, chocolate, strawberry and maybe vanilla
  • Buckets to put containers of milk in so they stay cold
  • Cups and straws
  • Table décor

One of the cutest milk displays we’ve seen is large shot glasses of milk, adorable, and the kids loved it! So if you decide on a milk and cookie bar, have fun with it.  Cookies and milk should always be fun.

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