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New Bar Service: Cowgirls Unlimited!

You asked and we listened! We have had a couple clients and vendors recommend adding Cowgirls Unlimited to our list of approved bar services because of their stellar customer service and great prices. Cowgirls Unlimited has been servicing San Antonio’s events for over 10 years. With what started as a small idea to provide bartenders for events serving alcohol has blossomed into a full-fledged operation that serves between 100-125 events per year.

We sat down to talk to Jen Tyson, owner of Cowgirls Unlimited and asked her a few questions:

(PL) What sets Cowgirls Unlimited apart from other bar services in San Antonio?

(JT) We are absolutely 100% professional in everything we do from answering the 1st phone call to the very end of the special event.  10 years ago, we were the only company in San Antonio who operated in this sort of fashion.  We are an all-female group who can adjust to any and all, casual or formal, special events.  We firmly believe our staff personalities are extremely friendly, kind and catering to all of our client’s needs.  There is also no limit to our services as we can customize any order to fit each client’s needs and budget.

(PL) Do you provide clients with guidelines for the amount of alcohol they should provide for their guests?

(JT) Yes.

(PL) What other services do you offer besides bar service?

(JT) We focus 100% on the bar area.  We want to ensure our clients have the best experience when it comes to their special events.  Alcohol is such a popular but dangerous category so we want to make sure that everyone has a great time but remains safe while doing so.  We also want to make sure that our clients get the most value for their budgets.  Whether they choose an open/hosted bar, cash bar or just want to hire our bartending staff only for what they choose to provide, we always was to make sure everyone is happy in the process.

(PL) What do you hope to get out of a relationship with Plaza Lecea?

As with all our vendor relationships, we want to make sure that everyone involved in the event has a great experience with our services.  We always strive to make processes quick, easy and clean.  Upon gaining 100% trust from our vendors and facilities, we believe the entire process from beginning to end always goes much quicker and smoother.  Then in turn, we hope the healthy facility relationship with us is transferred over to each and every client and their served guests.

(PL) Is there anything else you would like to include?

We never want to disappoint anyone!  We not only cater to our clients but we are also very friendly and kind to other vendors that may be working the event as well.  Positive relationships with everyone is very important to us!

If you’d like to get in touch with Jen Tyson and Cowgirls Unlimited for your next event, check her out on the web at or at 210.872.8746. We’ll cheer to that!

Vendor Spotlight: Cocktail’s Bar Service

Cocktail’s Bar Services (Cocktails) has been serving San Antonio’s event industry for almost seven years. The idea for such services stemmed from owner, Lisa Scherrer’s own experience in the bar and restaurant industry. After working for years for different companies, Lisa decided to venture out on her own and launched Cocktails in 2003. First starting with staffing for caterers, venues and events, then in 2007 they were granted licensure by TABC to provide full bar and catering services.

Cocktails offers clients the option of doing an open bar, cash bar or partial cash bar for their next event. For an open bar, the client would bring in the alcohol and Cocktails would serve it to their guests. Or, for a nominal fee per person, you can have Cocktails do all the work and provide all of the alcohol and mixers so that you don’t have to worry about a thing on your special day. For brides on a budget, a cash bar is a wonderful option. You simply pay for the set up and your guests pay for the drinks. If you would like to offer your guest some beverages, but do not want to break the bank, a partial cash bar would do the trick. You could do a cocktail hour, where you pick up the tab during a 1-2 hour timeframe and then a cash bar the rest of the evening. Another option is providing beer and wine free of charge for your guests, but if they would like hard liquor, they can pay for that themselves.

Making their mark in the event world of San Antonio, Cocktails works approximately 75-100 events per year and provides services for events exceeding 3000 guests. They are also very comfortable working at Plaza Lecea because they have the same priorities as we do: Keep the client happy (the night time view is a plus too)! They continuously work with their clients to provide the best service and customize packages to fit their budget. They also take that extra step to ensuring client satisfaction on the day of their event as well by assisting caterers when needed, arriving early for set up and staying late to help with the clean up, or providing a special drink recipe for an individual’s wedding party.

A bar service tends to be an after-thought, but in reality it is an integral part of a successful event! Don’t leave it to last minute to book or hand it off to your groom. Here is some insight from Lisa about the importance of a professional bar service,

“Brides should remember that as well as the venue, caterer and decorations, the bar service is a vital part of an enjoyable wedding. A professional, responsible and courteous service will always leave a lasting impression on your guests. We spend most of the event providing service to your party, (so) don’t let your bar service be an after-thought in your planning. Cocktails will help you decide on a service to fit your budget and can also provide you great contacts and suggestions, for all your needs on your special day.”

The Essentials: Website: Phone: 210.363.8025; Email: Click here to see all of their happy client’s testimonials: