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Marriage License 101

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by: Nancy, ECC

Once you have gotten over your initial euphoria of being asked, his relief of you accepting, and your awe and wonder at how pretty the ring is, you will probably think dates, dresses, cakes and flowers.  The business end of all this happiness is the marriage license.

Marriage licenses are obtained from the clerk’s office in the county where you will marry.  If you live in Harris County, but want to marry in Bexar County, then the Bexar County Clerk’s Office should be the one who issues the license.  Point of fact, neither of you need be a resident of Texas to be married in Texas, but both must be 18 or older.

If you have been married before, you will need to wait 31 days from the date of the final decree to apply for a license, but luckily for those of us with a fear of needles, Texas does not require blood test.

There is a 3 day waiting period before you can use the license and it is only good for 30 days after it is obtained. There are exceptions for active duty military personnel, and those who have taken a together class. You will need to take to the county clerk’s office with a valid form of age and identity, such as: Driver’s license, US passport, military ID card, or certified copy of your birth certificate.  You will also need to know your Social Security number.

The Bexar County Clerk’s Office is open during normal business hours: Monday – Friday / 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, and is located in the Paul Elizondo Tower at 101 W. Nueva, Suite #120 in San Antonio. As always, it is a good idea to call ahead to make sure they are open, 210.335.2216. The cost is $66.00 and be aware, they only take CASH.

So as you decide on the final date for you ceremony, give a quick thought to when you will get your license and put it on your calendar on your phone, in your office and at home so you don’t forget. Even make a day of it with your fiance–things will get pretty hectic in the final weeks before the big day, so spend the afternoon with each other before the madness ensues.

Until next time, happy planning!

Just Married? An Easy Guide to Changing Your Last Name

by: Nancy, ECC

Although I didn’t take my husband’s names when we were married, it was nice to have a choice.  You can take your new husband’s last name, he can take yours (only a very small, small percentage take their wife’s last name), you can combine both of your last names using a hyphen, or both of you can choose the same new name. Whatever you decide, you name does not automatically change once you say “I do”.  An interesting fact is that upwards of 56% of women who have non-religious, civil ceremonies do not change their last name. And the norm is about 83% of women today take their husband’s last name.

Something very important to note is that if you are honeymooning, especially if you are traveling outside of the United States, you do not want to change your name before you leave for the honeymoon because you want all your identification papers to have the same name.  Whether you are leaving the Sunday after wedding, or a few months down the line make sure to think about this because you don’t want to have to fork over an extra $125 for a new passport if you are going overseas.

Once you are married, you will file your marriage certificate with the County Clerk’s Office.  Check their policy about automatically sending you a certified copy of your marriage certificate.  It will take about 2 weeks to receive a copy of your marriage certificate by mail. If they don’t automatically send you a copy, you will need to request a one. Once you have received your marriage certificate, your next step is to request a name change on your Social Security Card.

You will need to take 4 documents to change your name on your Social Security Card:

  1. Certified marriage certificate – mush have the raised seal
  2. Proof of identification – driver’s license, state ID, or passport
  3. Proof of age – birth certificate, adoption decree, or hospital record
  4. Application for new social security card – you can download the required form at

Your documents can be mailed to the Social Security Administration, they will be returned to you, or you can take the documents to a local Social Security Administration Office. You will receive your new card by mail in about 10 business days after your documents have been verified.  To locate a Social Security Administration Office, visit

Note: You will retain your original Social Security number, only the name on the card will change.

Next step will be to change the name on your driver’s license.  This must be done in person, and the request should be made within 30 days of your name change.  You should visit to locate your local Texas Department of Safety office. It’s a good idea to bring all your documents when getting a new driver’s license.  There will be a fee, but smile, this will be your first official photo as a married woman!

Other places you want to notify:

  • Insurance Carries – homeowners, vehicle, life and or health insurance
  • Financial Institution – bank accounts, mutual funds
  • Medical Provider – doctor, dentist
  • Passport Office

You can download a free name change notification letter from to use when making your notifications.  Keep a copy of the letter for your records.

Until next time, happy planning!

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