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Perfect Setting for Your Next Corporate Event

The Event Center at Plaza Lecea is not just for weddings and birthdays, we also provide an elegant setting for your business needs.  Located at the edge of the Medical Center, with convenient access to both Loop 410 and Interstate 10, Plaza Lecea offers a modern space for your next corporate event.  Our three separate meeting areas are located on the fourth floor, featuring beautiful views of the San Antonio skyline and Hill Country.  We are proud to offer several packages to best facilitate your meeting needs.  We are able to accommodate seating as follows,

  • Boardroom Conference – up to 25 (oval or U-shaped)
  • Classroom – up to 35
  • Half-moon, training or banquet – up to 100
  • Theatre-style –  up to 200
  • Banquet style – up to 300
  • Mixers – up to 300

All of our corporate packages include table and chairs, choice of white, ivory or black tablecloths, set up and clean up, as well as an Event Center Coordinator. 

Plaza Lecea makes available a variety of technical support.  Enjoy the complimentary high-speed wireless internet, integrated sound system and wireless microphones.  Utilize our Mobile Smart Board system, Mobile Smart Cart/Screen, DVD/VCR or our 5200 Lumen Projector with retractable screen. 

Water and coffee service is available.  And although Plaza Lecea does not offer in-house catering, you may choose any of our 10 approved vendors for your breakfast, break, or lunch time needs. 

We understand the importance of your corporate meeting needs.  With variable meeting space and packages, complimentary linens and AV equipment, and beautiful views, Plaza Lecea makes hosting your next corporate event a breeze.  Plaza Lecea provides an elegant solution to all you corporate meeting/training needs. Best of all, we offer free, close parking so you don’t have to drive around for 20 minutes looking for a spot! Let us help make your event a success. 

Cake Freezing 101

Photo Courtesy of Alberto Vazquez Photography

Photo Courtesy of Alberto Vazquez Photography

By: Nancy, ECC

Wedding cakes are some of the most breathtakingly stunning works of art and it’s a shame we have to cut into them.  But cut them we do.  Unfortunately the wedding couple rarely gets more than that first bite of their cake. This makes saving the top layer even more important. The custom is to save the top layer for your first year anniversary or the Christening of your first child, whichever comes first.  So there are lots of reasons for making sure the cake is well preserved for freezing.  Proper freezing may take some preparation, but it is not difficult at all.

You will want to have a box or air tight plastic container as close to the size of the cake as you can get.  Your baker may have something like this, but if not, this is where the pre-planning takes place.  You will also need some plastic wrap.

Decorations do not freeze well.  So the first thing you, or your designated cake person, will need to do is remove any decorations the cake has.  Icing is very soft at room temperature.  So the cake needs to be refrigerated for a couple of hours, or until the icing is fairly firm to the touch.  Don’t wrap the cake in plastic wrap to do this, the icing will get smashed.  But you can put the cake into the box or plastic container.

After the icing is firmed up you will wrap the cake in several layers.  You are trying to protect the cake from as much air as possible.  Aluminum foil does not make an air tight seal, making it not the best choice.  You might think that a zipper bag would be good to use here, but it can be difficult to release all of the air inside. And the food vacuum systems will crush the cake, and in a year you will be eating mush.  So at this point in the game, the plastic wrap is the best bet.

Once the cake has been wrapped up snug, it is time to put it in the box or plastic container, and I prefer the plastic container.  It will not held moisture or crush easily.  Once the cake is in the box or plastic container you may want to wrap it again.  And this is where the air vacuum food systems may work, because the plastic container should be able to withstand the pressure of the vacuum.  If you don’t have access to the vacuum system, just wrap the container in plastic wrap. 

Photo Courtesy of Alberto Vazquez Photography

Photo Courtesy of Alberto Vazquez Photography

Place the wrapped cake in a place in your freezer where it will not be in the way of reaching other food.  The less you disturb it the more likely it is to retain its shape.  The cake should be eatable for a long time as long as it stays frozen. 

To thaw the cake, remove the cake from the outer layer.  Place the box or plastic container in the refrigerator for 24 hours. About an hour before you want to eat it remove all plastic wrap.  Leave the cake in the box or plastic container at room temperature for about an hour. 

We hope your cake tastes just as good a year later as it did the night you were wed.

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