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Guest Entertainment

By: Nancy, ECC

I have worked quite a few weddings, and all have been enjoyable in their own way, but a few have stood out in my memory.  What differentiated these receptions from the others?  Guest Entertainment.  I’ve seen a singer in a sequined ball Photo booth fungown – just seeing her maneuver that dress was fun – a Michael Jackson impersonator, belly dancers, flamenco dancers, just to name a few.

So here are a few suggestions.

I don’t know anybody who can resist a photo booth.  This is entertaining at the wedding and any time later when you see the photos.  Individuals or groups can take pictures and get them immediately.  A copy can be saved so that the wedding couple has a personal record and your guest has one to take as well.  You can make a memory book of all the goofy smiles you collect. We also LOVE flipbooks. These are the biggest hit at wedding and corporate events alike. Our favorite flipbook company is by far Loco Motion Flipbooks. Very reasonably priced and you will be soooo happy you rented from them:

How about a wine or beer tasting reception?  You can set up stations featuring the bride and groom’s favorites. Check with your bar service, you can hire a sommelier who will entertain your guests with wine trivia and tidbits.

Hire a Master of Ceremonies.  DJ’s are good, but they are largely there to keep the music going.  An emcee interacts with the guests, calling wall flowers to the dance floor.  They can lead line dances and even start a conga line.  Part drum major and part stand-up comic, these guys/girls work the party to bring out the best experience for your guests.

Planning an outdoor, botanical garden style reception? You can hire a botanist to clue your guests in on all the genus and phylum of the natural habitat. You can give your guests a small potted something as a gift.  A friend of mine tied this in to her table decorations.  Each table was decoratively arranged with cactus and other small vegetation.  Her botanist when from table to table telling what was being used for the decorations, how to care for them and where the naturally occurred in the wild.  At the end of the evening each guest got to take one of the small plants as a gift.

Want you guest to be laughing thru the night?  Hire a comic.   Whether  doing a stand-up routine or just working the crowd through-out the evening, the right comedian will know what is and isn’t appropriate material for the occasion.  Let him/her do double duty, serving as your emcee for the evening.

Everybody wants to know if true love is in their future.  Hire a mystic to help your guest see their future.  She/he could read cards at a specially set up table, or mingle amongst your guests, reading palms and auras.

Every wedding has magic in the air. Hire an illusionist/magician. This can be quite entertaining; especially if hypnotism is part of the act.

How about a play or skit with the wedding couple in mind?  Hire local actors to dramatically re-enact how you first met, or how he popped the question, what the trip to have your first child will be like, or what you will be like in your old age.  This can go from dramatic to comical really quick. Or they could perform portions of a loved themed play.

A good way to both entertain your guests and give them a gift at the same time is to have a cartoon artist.  They will forever have a lovely cartoon portrait to commemorate your wedding day.

San Antonio is a tourist town. Whether your guests are out-of-towners or long time residents, it is fun to learn local lore.  Transport your guests from ceremony to reception tourist-style.  Hire a local tour company to transport guests from the ceremony location, give them a brief tour of our beautiful town and drop them at the reception.  This let’s all your guests arrive to the reception at the same time, and you can request the tour to be long enough for the bridal party to take pictures and get to the reception along with everyone else.

Games are fun for everyone.  Play games similar to the Newlyweds.  The newlywed couple and two other couples play.  It is fun to see how things change and don’t change.  Or turn your cocktail hour into cocktail and games hour. Games with little set up and not too difficult directions are best.  Each table is set up for a different game, with step by step, easy to understand directions displayed.  All-time favorites: Checkers, Connect Four, and Uno.

Planning guest entertainment is an excellent way to keep all your guests happily occupied and have them leaving remembering your wedding forever!

Wedding Band Trends

by: Chelsea, ECC

Photo credit: Captured Memories Photography

While wedding band sets are still sold, we’ve seen more and more brides looking for unique pieces instead of a complete set that matches. Brides and grooms used to have a very small selection of styles for their wedding bands.  Now with all three (engagement ring, wedding band and the groom’s wedding band) mainly being sold separately, you can add uniqueness and have the style of your choice for your wedding bands.  With the price of gold rising, light metals have become very popular.  But what is the main trend now?  We’d have to say individuality.  It is all about having your own style and making your wedding bands about you and your husband.

Yes every woman loves diamonds, but that is what the engagement ring is for.  Now brides are making their wedding bands a little more vintage and simple with maybe only one small diamond.  The director of marketing and communications at Frank Adams Jewelers, Billie Jo Newman says that the guard rings are becoming a new trend.  “A lot of people are doing one on each side, the trend being toward vintage-looking rings, the fine detailed ring that lends itself to this style.”

The eternity band and channel ring are also increasingly popular.  With the eternity band, that is where the gem or diamond travels all the way around the ring.  As for the channel ring, this is where the gems or diamonds are placed into the band.  This is usually on the engagement ring around a bigger diamond but now is very popular on wedding bands all the way around the ring.

As for the engraving on the inside of the band, that is still popular and going strong.  It keeps the uniqueness and special warmness of the wedding band.  Most couples usually get their initials and their wedding date.  But now people are starting to get a little more spontaneous and more personal, engraving nicknames or even having the bride write something for the groom and the groom do the same for the bride and then have it be a surprise and their wedding day to each other. We’ve even seen a push for fingerprints on the rings (where they have their bands specially made with either the bride or grooms finger prints in the ring–clearly it needs to be a larger band). Another fun trend we’ve seen is incorporating colored stones into the wedding band. The engagement band may stay simple, but brides are becoming more daring adding rubies, emeralds, sapphires and other stones to their wedding bands. What a stunning way to add a little color to your life!

So as the new trends come again every year, individuality will always be the main key.  Every couple is different and has something of their own in mind.  So talk to each other pick something you both will love, because the wedding band is a symbol of the two of you coming together as husband and wife and starting a life together.  As Billie Jo Newman says, “Every couple needs to decide what’s right for them, to evaluate what their story is about. Choose what works for you to represent your marriage.” We couldn’t agree more.

Until next time, happy planning!

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