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Wedding Gifts for Your Beloved

By Nancy & Stephanie

Amongst all the planning you’ve been doing you’ve found a few minutes to think of a gift for your intended on the big day.  With all the decisions being made you may be drawing a blank slate when it comes to this one. Of course, think of all the personal jokes you relish in, maybe trips you’ve been on together or shared interests before looking at these ideas, because you might come up with something very neat and personal that way. We had one couple that gave each other personalized cowboy boots with the date of their event branded into the side of them. Such a sweet gesture for a couple that met at a local country music dance hall. Another bride gave her groom tickets to go see his favorite baseball team and put them in a big mug that had the teams logo on it. One other bride learned how to Flamenco dance for her new husband since he had been in a traditional dance group and right before the dancing started, she performed his favorite number, so remember, it doesn’t have to be an actual thing, but something that will touch their heart. Here are a few other ideas to get you going.

How do I love thee?  You will spend a life time discovering all the little and big reasons  you love your spouse, but for you wedding day, here are 9.  Reasons I Love Stones, from Red Envelope, are etched with I love you on one side and 9 different reasons on the other.  If they don’t have what you want to say, try making your own for that extra personal touch.  Not only will it give you something to hold on to while the groom  waits to see his bride, they could double as a sweet touch to the bride and groom’s table. And after the big day, you can put them in his pants pockets every now and then as a reminder of the day you both decided to share the rest of your lives together.

You toast at the wedding, but think of the lifetime of  toasts you will share in your marriage.  These engraved wine stoppers will remind you of your wedding day with each bottle of wine you open.  These personalized bottle stoppers from will remind you of those wedding toast every time you open a bottle of wine.  Package it with your honey’s favorite wine to share at your first romantic home cooked dinner.   You can engrave your initials, but if you engrave the date, he’ll  never forget your anniversary.

Spring 2012 Trends

By Laura, ECC

Wedding Decor: Rough Luxe

Are you a trendy spring bride looking for the latest trends for your Spring 2012 wedding?  Well the Plaza Lecea has you covered. This year’s spring trends are leaning toward the “rough luxe”.  Combining the look of the “rough” and the raw with the elegance of luxury.  Natural raw woods/twigs and linen cloth paired with delicate flowers and laces. To keep the elegance subtle use soft spring hues: muted blues, greens, yellows and pinks.  Monogramming is also becoming a popular trend, custom napkins, linens, etc.

The Dress: Illusion Necklines and Vintage

Illusion necklines are becoming ever popular with our 2012 spring brides!  Delicate fabrics, sheer lace and often with an embellished layer of fabric, veils the skin that would normally be left bare above a strapless dress line.  This transforms a stark sexy look to a more elegant look. If you want to get the same elegant look without the illusion necklines try a vintage 50’s and 60’s wedding dress design or simply a bird cage veil is a great way to add this vintage look without overdoing it.

The Cake:

Think ruffles and monograms personalized to your wedding needs!  Teamed with some muted spring colors!  Still need help, come visit us at the Plaza Lecea!

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