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Cheers to the Bride & Groom!

By Susan & Stephanie

Wedding Toasts/Speeches are one of many memorable pieces of a wedding reception.  This memory will stay with the bride and groom forever so, if you are the best man or maid of honor, you’ll want to ensure you create that memorable speech that they’ll treasure.

You might be saying to yourself, “I don’t like to give speeches or talk in front of others” but it’s really okay!  Many people are uncomfortable speaking in front of others. If you speak from the heart the words will flow, but we definitely recommend writing your thoughts down so you have some sort of outline of what you’d like to cover. Keep it under about three minutes because people tend to lose focus easily. Here is a breakdown of the anatomy of a wedding speech:

  • Opening: Many people start of their speech with a joke to break the ice and their nerves.
  • Compliments: Compliment the bride, bridal party and guests (ie: I have never seen such an amazingly beautiful bride or crowd)followed by letting everyone there know who they are and how they know the couple
  • Introduction: Introduce yourself and your relationship to the bride or groom.
  • Story: Tell a story of how the couple met and your involvement or when you knew that their partner was different from all the others. It’s fun to joke during this time, but don’t include intimate details that would embarrass the couple. Check out the information below for questions that might help with the stories.
  • Advice: Give any advice that you think is applicable. Ask your parents or any successful couple about why they have lasted and share this with your best friend. It might just save their marriage.
  • Wishes for the Couple: Here is where you may get a little emotional and tell them about what you hope for in their future (ie: I wish you both the best in life and love).
  • Toast: Raise your glass and ask guests to do so as well, and toast to the newlyweds.

If you are still struggling as to what you’ll be saying, think about what you know about the bride and the groom. You don’t need to mention lots of things, but those things that you love about each of them and about them together. Don’t forget the funny or crazy stuff you know about each of them also. Some questions you may want to ask yourself to prepare the speech are:

  • How did you become friends and what makes your friendship special?
  • What special moments as a family member do you have with either/or both of them?
  • How did the couple meet?
  • Why do you think they belong together?

If you need to read from a written speech, go ahead!  That’s okay too!  Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about the bride and groom.  The bride and groom will appreciate anything you say or do.  Just relax, speak from the heart and let it happen.

On an added note, sometimes speeches are also given by the Father and Mother of the Bride, the Father and Mother of the Groom, and other close family members.  This is a great opportunity for the bride and groom to thank and toast their guests if they have not been able to make it to all the tables or if they did not do a receiving line.

The internet is full of information about this subject.  You can even find examples of speeches you can use.  All you’ll have to do is fill in the right information. Do some research if you need to, but it’s important to get it done ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about it at the last minute.

Here’s to the husband
And here’s to the wife;
May they remain
Lovers for life.
— Traditional toast

A toast to love and laughter, and happily ever after.
— Traditional toast

Autumn-Themed Decor

By Laura, ECC

“Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile.” -William Cullen Bryant

Autumn has officially arrived and while the weather here in San Antonio may not always look or feel like autumn, let Plaza Lecea give you some great autumn décor ideas to bring the look and feel of autumn to your event!

Party favors are great ways to thank your guests for coming to your event and can also add that touch of festivity to your event décor.  When we think of autumn, it just doesn’t seem complete without pumpkins!  Mini pumpkins can be purchased locally at craft stores and some grocers.  A simple ribbon hot glued around the pumpkin adds a great finishing touch to these easy and fun party favors.  For extra detail, a “thank you” note can easily be tied on to the stem!


For those events with multiple or even one main table, think candy corn for the centerpieces!  These bright and colorful little candies add the perfect blend of fall colors to create a brilliant centerpiece.  By filling a glass jar with your desired amount of candy corn and topping off with either candles or flowers, a festive and elegant centerpiece is born!

Another fun idea is using pumpkins and leaves! What isn’t more autumn than this duo? We love the idea of pinning leaves to the top of a pumpkin so that the pumpkin looks like a vase and the leaves look like flowers. Using silk leaves with wire “veining” works best and using lots of leaves will give the best full-effect. Even using a combination of pumpkins, leaves and candy corn will really bring an autumn theme to life!


When deciding upon your event decorations, don’t think expensive, think CONSTRUCTIVE!  For a spook-tacular event, these fun and simple decorative candles can be made with an inexpensive glass votive and black construction paper!  A hole punch and a permanent marker can be used to create the appearance of eyes.

Want a more elegant feel to your candles?  Choose a burnt orange or a crimson red and a leaf or floral shaped hole punch that can be located at your local craft store!


Don’t forget that your table linens can create all the difference when it comes to bringing color to your event!  We have tons of fall colors, including burnt orange, deep red, chocolate brown, champagne, olive green, plum and ivory in lots of different textures! At Plaza Lecea, we provide linens for your booked event with us, so stop in and we will show you the perfect linens for your autumn event!

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