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The Tradition of the Groom’s Cake

By: Chelsea, ECC

The groom’s cake is a southern tradition that has become very popular in the wedding world.  The origin dates back to the 17th century that seemed to be lost, but truly never disappeared just reemerged and became a popular trend.  Originally, the groom’s cake was not cut and served during the wedding reception, but instead it was to be packaged and taken home by the guests as a wedding favor.  It is to be said, that the single women would take the groom’s cake home, place it beneath their pillow in hopes to dream of their future husband!

In general, the cake is usually a gift from the bride to the groom.  The cake is traditionally one or two layers and is a chocolate or fruit flavor.  This is to have a different flavor from the wedding cake which is traditionally white and a vanilla flavored cake.  The groom also gets the enjoyment of the theme, design, and shape of his cake.  A lot of the time the groom chooses his favorite sport, sports team, a college or university, or something to do with his occupation.  So you see a lot of golf, fishing, Dallas Cowboys, Texas Long Horns, or even something cute that resembles the bride and groom as a couple.

So no it is not mandatory to have a groom’s cake at your wedding reception. It is also a tradition to serve the groom’s cake at the rehearsal dinner.  Either way it can be a very romantic and sweet gesture to honor the groom during the wedding process and a great way to have something that represents the groom on his wedding day! We’ve seen some of the coolest cakes here too! For some inspiration, stop by and look at our photo books, or check out our facebook page too:

The Tradition of the Groom’s Cake

What began as a Southern tradition is spreading across the U.S. rather rapidly thanks to Food Network’s Ace of Cakes and TLC’s Cake Boss. More and more brides and grooms are adapting this tradition and putting their unique personalities into the mix. The groom’s cake actually started as a fruitcake and was decorated with marzipan and placed besides the bride’s cake. This small square or rectangular cake was not normally eaten at the reception, but rather packaged up and taken home as a treat from the bride and groom. An old-wives tale is also wrapped up in this tradition: If a single woman slept with the small piece of cake under their pillow, they would apparently dream of their future husband. Who know if that superstition is true!

In recent years, these cakes have transformed from the bland fruitcake to more popular flavors and have a true spotlight in the wedding! Many grooms are opting for chocolate cake for the groom’s cake since the bride’s cake is normally white cake with some sort of flavoring. This cake can be any flavor that the groom desires and we’ve seen it all! Chocolate, marble, carrot, red velvet and even an ice cream cake have made it into our venue. With so many creative bakers in San Antonio, the options are endless!

Now, you have two options when serving the groom’s cake. It can be served at the rehearsal dinner or at the reception. If serving it at the wedding, make sure to opt for a different flavor from the bride’s cake to give your guests options. Also, the groom’s cake does not need to feed all of your guests, but there aren’t normally leftovers!

As far as the design or theme of the cake, let your groom’s imagination run wild or surprise him with something you think he’ll like. Think about his occupation, hobbies, interests or favorite sports teams as a starting off point and then lean on your baker for ideas of what to do with this idea. We really have had some amazing and totally unique groom’s cakes here at Plaza Lecea, from a replica of a Costco store, to military branches, music instruments or a fav band to poker-themed ones and the ever popular sports team cake.