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Top Things to Remember for your Special Day

By:  Chelsea, ECC

When planning a wedding it is very easy for the bride to become overwhelmed with all the details, so it becomes common for a bride to forget some of the smallest things when it comes to her big day.  As someone who has read the countless blogs of top items a bride can forget, yes it is very true, but I am also the person that is there by the bride’s side on her big day and I see everything firsthand.  I have worked with so many types of brides, from the care-free bride to the organized to every detail bride and there is always that one thing, if not more, that every bride forgets.

In my opinion there is no important order to any of these.  Every bride is different and while some brides may think one thing is the most important of the whole day, another may not.  So keep in mind not everyone of these may be for you, but I guarantee you will come across one that you will not want to forget when it comes to your wedding day!  So let’s start with some of the important details:

  • Legal documents– The whole reason you have been planning up to this big day is to be married, so don’t forget your marriage license.  It is also to nice while you have your photographer to get some pictures of everyone signing it.
  • Tell family about reserved seating–  If you have any family that will be sitting in the front for the ceremony or at a certain table for the reception, make sure you let them know because you don’t want them to get there and be confused or not take advantage of it. Make reserved signs and have your coordinator put them on the tables you’d like reserved on the Friday before.
  • Extra cash-Throughout the day you will have people waiting on you, hand and foot.  Such as hair and make-up, transportation, bell hop at the hotel or you may plan on going out with friends even after your reception, so having that extra cash for whatever you need, can really come in handy! Plus, if anything goes awry, you wont have to stop at an ATM. We’ve had brides and grooms that went over on their time for their limo and had to pay out of pocket right on the spot and it always helps having that extra cash on hand.
  • Someone to take your things home– Now it is very important to designate someone to collect any items you brought to the reception and all your gifts to take home.  Whether you’re going out afterward, to the airport, or just to a hotel, you do not want to worry about all of your belongings you will not need, so make sure to assign a few people you trust to take of those things.
  • Bags for dollar dance– Not everyone has a dollar dance, but if you are, almost every couple forgets to bring some kind of bag for the maid of honor and best man to hold to collect the money.  You do not want them to just have it out in the open! If you do forget one, make sure you put the money in a safe place, like Mom’s purse or your overnight bag.
  • Wear in your wedding day shoes– Most every bride gets a new pair of shoes for her wedding.  Now you do not want to be uncomfortable or get blisters, so make sure you take the time to wear them in around the house so they are perfect for your big day (just don’t scuff them up too much before hand!)
  • EAT– So many brides and grooms are so busy greeting everyone and taking photos they forget to sit down and enjoy their own food and wedding.  Make sure you get a chance to sit and relax and eat dinner! (And dessert too!)
  • How to bustle your wedding gown–  I see it more often than not that the bride does not practice bustling her dress beforehand. And when it comes time to do it, it takes a very long time taking away time you could be enjoying.  Make sure you and your maid of honor or someone of your choice practices this, so when it comes time you are in and out and don’t have to have everyone waiting for that first dance.
  • Over Night Bag– If you plan on staying at a hotel, don’t forget that overnight bag!  It is a great idea to already have it in your getaway vehicle, so when you are leaving you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Now for some of the fun things you may not want to forget.  Some of these are great for photo opportunities or just great extra memories for you and your new husband or just that extra thing that can help your whole day go better:

  • Snacks and beverages while getting ready– You may not want to eat a full meal before your ceremony, so don’t forget to either make or order some small snacks for you and your girls (and don’t forget about your fiancé and the guys) to munch on beforehand.  The last thing you want is a growling stomach during the ceremony. Plus, if you are having a drink or two before the ceremony, you don’t want to be light headed and you’ll want to remember the whole thing too :)
  • A special hanger for the dress– Most brides want that traditional picture of their wedding gown on the hanger before they put it on.  You don’t want your beautiful gown on an ugly old hanger, so make sure to get one making that photo extra special. Here is a link to an etsy search for wedding hangers:
  • Thank you speech– Lots of couples send their thank you notes out, letting their guests know how appreciative they are for them celebrating this day with them.  But now day’s a lot of couples are writing a thank you speech to say that night!
  • Emergency kit– You never know what can go wrong on the day of your wedding, such as hair can mess up, a run in your panty hose, or even maybe a headache.  So an emergency kit can sometimes be a life saver.  Most them include things like; mints, bobby pins, lotion, sewing kit, deodorant, clear nail polish, aspirin, band aids, and tissue.  Feel free to add whatever you want.
  • Unique photos– Every couple wants those photos with their bridal party and family, but it always nice to get come unique photos to have as well.  The internet is great for this; you can just search photos and make sure to let your photographer know what you want so you can make time for them on your wedding day. You can even bring props for photos for your “Thank You” card after the wedding.

Remember, even with a list it will be hard to remember all of these items.  That’s why you have a maid of honor, bridesmaids and family.  They are there to help you and make your day easier, so use the! Assign each person to certain things.  One last thing that can be hard to remember comes with a quote, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”  This is a great tradition for every bride to have and this is one of my favorite quotes to help you remember! Now whether you forget nothing or everything, just remember to breathe and that this is your day, you are there to celebrate you and your new husband and a long lasting love, so just make sure you do that!

Until next time, happy planning!

Ten Steps to a Happy Wedding Day

Here are some of our recommendations for creating a blissful wedding planning experience!
  1. BUDGET: Create a budget and stick to it.  It may be a good idea to have a percentage reserved for small overages and those things you just have to have, but try to keep things in check.  This will eliminate the most common arguments between you and your fiancé, and you and your family. Great resources like Martha Stewart’s Planning Tools ( or’s Tools ( can help you track where you are spending your money.  
  2. WEDDING DATE: Your budget will go further if you select dates that don’t fall near to holidays such as Christmas, New Years or Valentines Day. While our pricing stays the same all year around, you may see some additional expenses from other vendors for premium dates.  Availability tends to be very limited and you can expect to pay a premium for all rentals during these dates.  Also consider Friday or Sunday weddings. We offer anywhere from $200-$800 off the price for those days. If you go with a Friday wedding, remember to start the reception a bit later, around 7 p.m. so that guests who work will have time to go home and change first. Sunday receptions are great if Monday is a holiday (think President’s Day, Memorial Day or Labor Day).
  3. GET ORGANIZED: Keep notes on each vendor that include all contact information, price quotes and what is included with each quote. Notate each phone call or save emails to document what was said. We keep a CRM w/all communication with our clients, but make sure you are doing so with all your vendors. Keep in touch on a regular basis to ensure that you both are up to date on the latest decisions.  Design a timetable of what details need to be taken care of each month (or you can find helpful checklists on or, so you can keep on top of everything without feeling overwhelmed.
  4. GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING: and make sure every change is initialed, etc. Before leaving the vendor go over the notes to ensure that you understood what they said.  Like all trades the event center industry has their own vocabulary, be sure that you ask questions concerning the meaning of words that you do not understand   Do not be embarrassed for asking questions, it is important to you to understand everything that you are committing to pay for.  You do not want to be surprised on your wedding day or when the bill comes. 
  5. RECEPTION SCHEDULE:  We include an itinerary and coordinator in every package, but come prepared to your appointments with a vision of how you want the event to take place. We help you create a timeline that will include when you want to be announced and how, the approx. time to serve dinner, cut the cake, toast, and begin your first dance, garter and bouquet toss and all other wedding formalities.  These are just approximate but it will save you from being bombarded by questions during the night, and will ensure everything you want done flows smoothly. 
  6. ASK FOR HELP:  Enlist help: if you don’t have a wedding planner, delegate tasks:  planning a wedding is a big event with lots of details.  Don’t stress yourself out by doing it all yourself.  This is a happy event and friends and family are usually eager to help. For example, give your finance tasks like selecting the dj, slideshow, or bar service- things he can relate to. Have your bridesmaids over to help with the menus, placecards and favors. They will all feel like a bigger part of the day and you will have one more thing crossed off your checklist.  
  7. LAST MINUTE DETAILS – Enlist trusted friends or family for “last minute details” (taking favors and sign-in book, dropping off and taking away centerpieces, taking gifts after reception). Don’t overload yourself of the big day, you will have enough to do with hair, make up, dress, pictures, etc. Arrange for transportation from the reception to your hotel or wherever you will be staying.  Then you can enjoy your party and not worry about designating a driver. 
  8. CAKE:  Have the caterer cut the cake- it is worth the small extra charge.  Cake cutting is time consuming and messy, don’t put your mom through it! 
  9. SHOES:  Bring comfortable shoes to the reception (pretty and comfortable sandals). You want to be able to dance the night away! And if they are seen, no one will care, you are going to be beautiful anyway! Remember to try to get heeled sandles so that your dress does not drag on the ground. You’ll be happy you did! Another recommendation, purchase inexpensive flip flops from Old Navy or Walmart and leave them in the restroom for your female guests to wear during the reception. They have probably been on their feet all day in heels, so having some comfortable shoes for them to dance in will be a welcomed relief.  
  10. RELAX:  Don’t forget that this is a FUN, HAPPY EVENT- A special day for both of you and a day for rejoicing. The whole point is to celebrate the marriage of you and your fiancé with your loved ones and friends. The event is going to fly right by so take a few private moments with your new husband when you can and take mental pictures of the special moments. Don’t let minute details distract you from having fun, chances are no one will ever know. Relax and enjoy!