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Flowers for All Seasons

By: Chelsea, ECC

Choosing the perfect wedding flowers can take some hard work.  You do not want to settle for just any type, there are countless kinds of flowers and making your decision can take some time and research.  However, there are certain flowers that can work great for each season that can be perfect your wedding while staying in your budget.


This is such a beautiful time, when all the leaves start changing colors and everything seems to come to life.  Many brides have the toughest time when it comes to choose their wedding flowers during this time.  Popular colors for fall wedding flowers include deep reds, oranges, yellows and browns.  The best flowers for this time of year and those colors would be mums pansies, iris, narcissus, terra cotta, carnations and honeysuckles.  These are all great for bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpieces, although for fall including beautifully colored leaves and branches can look great added to your centerpieces or bouquet really bringing out that fall theme.


Winter weddings are great, because most venues already have Christmas trees, wreaths, and poinsettias out really bringing the winter theme together.  There is a wide range of plants and flowers and so many options that can make your winter wedding unique and your own.  Along with poinsettias, holly bushes with bright red berries make great added decorations or even would be great for centerpieces.  Beautiful red or white roses with sprigs of ever green trees can be put together to create a festive red and green bouquet or boutonniere.  A white lily can also be great to help balance out the red and green colors.  If you are staying budget conscious, use carnations in replace of roses and add in natural greenery and berries, this still looks just as amazing with giving you the winter feel. Baby’s breath is always a great idea for winter weddings too. In a bunch by itself, or within an arrangement.


When it comes to spring, there is no shortage in choosing those spring wedding flowers.  This is the time of year when everything is blooming and pastel colors are the most popular colors for brides during this time.  Lilies are one of the most popular flowers for spring and are great because they come in a wide variety of colors.  Just as popular are lighter colored roses and daises, a large vase of daises can also make a gorgeous and low cost centerpiece or filler for the bouquet.  For the brides who are willing to spend more money on their bouquets and centerpieces, orchids are a beautiful flower for a spring wedding!


Summer is a great time of year for those outside weddings.  Now day’s lots of couples seem to be having their ceremony outdoors in a beautiful blooming garden saving money with the flower costs.  Others utilize the wildflowers found in fields for their centerpieces and bouquets.  For summer weddings poppies, hollyhock, roses, and carnations are all great choices.  Being that the temperature can be very hot during summer, make sure you select something that will stay fresh throughout the whole day.  Ginger halcyon, birds of paradise and tiger lilies will champion high temperatures too.

Regardless of what time of year you are going to have your wedding, there is a perfect flower or flowers that can meet your wedding needs.  Make sure to figure out the cost you want to spend on your centerpieces and bouquets before you get started, either way there is something out there in your budget for you.  Check with all your local florists and see if they have any specials or deals for your season’s flowers.  Don’t forget, also taking advantage of naturally growing flowers and shrubs, you can save a bundle!

Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Photo Credit: Raul’s Photography

by: Chelsea & Stephanie

Shopping for your wedding photographer is not like selecting your wedding dress, centerpieces or bouquet because you will not be able to view the pictures you have paid for until after you have made your decision.  For most people, paying for something before you see it, is not typical and makes people very nervous, so make sure you take your time and look at a good selection of photographers before picking one.  For most brides, price ends up being the determining factor in their decision but sometimes putting a little more of your budget towards the photographer is well worth it!  You have to remember these photos are going to be the main memory of one of the most important days of your life.

Start by figuring out your budget for photography. Photography should account for 10-12% of your total wedding budget, but we’ve seen brides spend way more and way less. So try to figure out how much you’d like to spend for photography. While you may still be unsure of this amount that you want to spend, go ahead and make a list of photographers you’ve heard of from family and friends. Ask them (if they are willing to tell you) how much they spent to gauge the cost. Their photographers may even offer referral discounts (it NEVER hurts to ask if anyone is offering any kind of discount). Next go to each photographer’s website to see what they can offer you.  Make sure to concentrate more on the photos and not the web design because anyone can have a beautiful website.  A majority of good photographers keep their pictures updated, with bridal portraits, and full weddings from ceremony to reception.  This way you can narrow down your selection and make a list of the photographers that appeal to you.

Now you can start calling or e-mailing each photographer.  A simple and quick phone call or e-mail to get information like if the photographer is available on your wedding date and how much they will charge you and what you get for that fee.  You can also find out what is their specialty style is, such as do they take the traditional approach, or do more candid shots, or if they do film or digital shots?  Asking questions like these give you an idea of the photographer’s personality and if they are more of a freestyle or choreographed photographer.  Remember, this is the person that will play a big part on your wedding day and be around you, your newly husband and all your family and friends, so be sure to pick someone you “click” with and someone that make you feel good.

After narrowing down your list some more after contacting each photographer, now it is time to make appointments with each one.  This is a process you will want to include your fiancé and anyone else who is maybe helping pay or will be working close with the photographer on the day of your wedding.  Before meeting with them, make sure you have an idea of what type of photos you want to purchase, such as an album, pictures for your walls, prints to give to family and friends, pictures for the thank you letters or maybe even some magnets.  Also you need to make a list of questions you have for the photographer before you go in to meet with them.  Some important questions you could ask are:

  • Are engagement and bridal portraits included in their price?
  • Prices for duplicate prints, albums, enlargements, etc.?
  • Your time frame for preparing the pictures for my selection (turn-around time after the wedding)?
  • What kind of guarantee comes with my hiring you?
  • How long will you be available to me on my wedding day?
  • Will you be photographing my wedding?
  • Will you have an assistant?
  • What is your payment policy?
  • Also, if you are worried about your privacy, a lot of photographers showcase their photos across social media networks–ask if they will be posting your photos on their social media outlets.

There are plenty of possible questions that can be asked, never be afraid of having too many.  Most photographers will provide you with explanations about their services before you even meet with them or any questions are even asked and have packages that include a certain number or prints, enlargements, etc., so it will be clear on what kind of service you will receive and the final products you should expect. Ask them if you are forgetting something important!

Once you have meet with your final list of photographers, now it is time to pick one.  Make sure you and your fiancé agree because again, this will be a person that will be around you the whole day of your wedding.  It is one of the most important days of your life so you want to feel relaxed and comfortable and have a photographer that is there to make you happy and help in any way.  These are going to be the photos you hang in your home, show your children one day, and have to look at to remember one of the happiest days of your life so you want them to be perfect!

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