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Beyond the Cake: Milk & Cookies Bar

By: Nancy, ECC

Who can turn down milk and cookies?  For most of us it was the feel good, fix-all snack of our youth.  If popcorn is too movies, and s’mores are too campy, milk and cookies make a perfect addition to any style of reception. It’s about the novelty.

You can get a lot of variety in a cookie bar.  Traditional choices can be made, chocolate chip, white chocolate /macadamian nut, oatmeal/raisin, peanut butter or sugar – these are sure winners.  But think outside of the traditional box, although Mexican Wedding Cookies are very traditional and always fun to eat.  And of course make sure you include your favorite – don’t forget your soon to be hubby. Some suggestions of cookies to include: Toffee, Snicker Doodle, Almond Butter Thins, Dark Chocolate Meringue, Linzer Strips, Italian Hazelnut, Almond Macaroon Fingers, Pecan Lace.  (I know I’m getting hungry) With 8 to 15 to as many as you want, the number of varieties you can choose is only limited by the size of your display area.

You can make the cookies yourself, very nice personal touch-especially if you have a friend/family member that really wants to help.  How about having a pre-wedding cookie making party?  You can freeze the dough, or cooked cookie until the wedding.  A safe bet would probably be baking half and purchasing half from a bakery known for their cookies.

Photo credit: Raul's Photography

Either way, you can personalize the cookies by tinting cookie dough and icing to compliment the colors of your wedding or using wedding themed cookie cutters.  Cookies in the shape of bride and groom, or a wedding cake, bell, or diamond ring along with iced sugar cookies displaying your new monogram are very appropriate and really cute.  About 4 to 6 cookies per guest should be enough.  Up to 10 per guest is a good estimate if you want enough for each guest to take home a few-a treat and wedding favor all in one.

What you will need:

  • Platters, cookie jars, cake or pie stands to display cookies
  • Napkins, plates or bags
  • Recipe cards are optional, but a nice touch.  You can make monogrammed recipe cards
  • Labels for the different kinds of cookies
  • Milk-white, chocolate, strawberry and maybe vanilla
  • Buckets to put containers of milk in so they stay cold
  • Cups and straws
  • Table décor

One of the cutest milk displays we’ve seen is large shot glasses of milk, adorable, and the kids loved it! So if you decide on a milk and cookie bar, have fun with it.  Cookies and milk should always be fun.

Beyond the Cake: Popcorn Bar

Besides the dress, one of the most anticipated things for a wedding is the cake. And now-a-days, with Pinterest and Loverly being focal hubs for wedding planning, brides are going beyond the cake and creating entire stations for sweet treats for their guests. We have seen literally hundreds of fabulous candy bars, chocolate fountains and other ideas for wedding treats, so we’d like to share some alternative routes to stand out. This week we are featuring four different types of ‘bars’ that your guests will absolutely adore. Check in each day for fun ideas!

Popcorn bar

Let’s begin with good ole’ fashioned popcorn!  This is a great idea, especially because just about everyone loves popcorn. Was your first date at the circus? Do you and your hubby-to-be love going to the movies and sharing a bucket? These are all fun reasons to incorporate a popcorn bar. This would be great if you were having a Hollywood or vintage-inspired wedding. You have the options of doing different flavors of popcorn and you could even get it in the color of your wedding.  You could very easily and cheaply make all the popcorn in advance, buy it in bulk from Sam’s Club or Costco, or you could even rent an old fashioned popcorn machine and have an attendant hand out popcorn bags. A cute decor element to include would be a photo of you and your fiance eating popcorn together–you could even do this when you do your engagement photos. Here is a detailed list of needed items for a popcorn bar:

  • Buckets (pails, popcorn buckets, large open vases)
  • Scoops
  • Bags (with ties if need)
  • Labels (if you are not doing a printed bag)
  • Flavored salts (you can purchase from HEB)
  • Décor elements
  • 3-4 flavors of popcorn (great site to order bulk popcorn is
    • Cheddar
    • White cheddar
    • Caramel
    • Chocolate
    • Butter
    • With nuts
    • Kettle corn

There are so many entertaining ways to incorporate your personality into the event and having a popcorn bar is definitely one of them.

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